Start of something new

As we begin another semester, and advance from teacher assisting to student teaching, I believe we must be willing to adapt. I have noticed a lot of differences between my TA placement and my current placement. For starters, I was in a high school last semester and now I am in middle school (these students seem to like school a little more!). Also, only 1 of my 5 hours has any sort of racial diversity which is quite different than my former placement. To me, these differences are not playing a large role but rather, it is the difference in school atmosphere, CT, and teaching style that makes it feel like a new world.

I have really enjoyed the atmosphere at Spring Lake Middle School so far. The teachers all get along and it is a tight knit group that shares information daily. Having coworkers that you can lean on when things get tough is a great quality to have at school. The students that I have are extremely attentive (so far) and the vast majority have a desire to learn. My students require specific directions and cues, which makes sense because they are younger, but as a whole they listen very well and I am so excited because when they do group work, they stay on task!

Last semester, I felt extremely comfortable with my CT. This is where I seem to be feeling the most difference this semester. My CT now is great, but the communication just does not flow between us like last semester. I think it will just take time to really get to know him. Also, I think that my CT has a different teaching style than I have witnessed in the past. He is very organized and likes to be in control of the classroom. It seems like more of an authoritarian approach whereas I like to gain control by showing the students I respect them and care about them so they then desire to respect me. I may have to get used to the “old school” style of teaching this semester but I hope I can make it my own a little encourage more collaboration and communication.


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