Observation #2 Reflection

The lesson during my observation was about special systems of linear equations. We started discussing the topic the day before this observation so the students had some prior knowledge on the subject matter. The goal of this lesson was to make connections between systems of linear equations with “no solution”, “infinitely many solutions” and what we have been previously learning about slope and the y-intercept of graphs.

This class is right after lunch and is often quite chatty. I attempted to make a lesson that would increase our communication and collaboration skills, because as a class they are struggling with these skills as we change to the common core standards. I’ve noticed my students desire to simply be robotic in mathematics, we have to get away from that! I want to teach them to think and problem solve.

The activity I had planned didn’t go as well as I hoped it would. We ran out of time to fully make the connections I intended. The first activity where the students needed to group themselves into fours (one graph, one equation, one slope, and one y-intercept) was supposed to let the students review slope intercept form and connecting the equation to it’s graph as well as showing how some systems of linear equations have no solution. We did not get to the part where the students were supposed to find another group with the same slope as them to create a system with no solution.

The second activity was intended to review transforming equations in standard form to slope-intercept form. By finding a partner whose equation transformed to the same equation in slope-intercept form, the goal was to establish an understanding of systems with infinitely many solutions.

I hope to try this activity again and make some adjustments so it works better. I know I need to explain the directions better, perhaps I could write them out and have them posted on the board so the students can refer back to them. I really like the skills that this activity could help the students learn.


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