Outside dialogue reflection

For our outside dialogue, we discussed the validity and usefulness of multiple learning styles in the classroom. There are different takes on learning styles. It seems that the validity of a person having one primary learning styles has not been scientifically proven. Yet, we all can identify the ways we typically learn things the best. The issue is that the learning style we prefer very much depends on the situation and what is being learned. In school, I prefer to learn by writing things down. I do not do well retaining information if I just listen to someone. Yet, when I am leaning dance I am a more visual and kinesthetic learner.

It seems that people are wired to be able to learn in many ways. Depending on the topic, one learning style might be more beneficial but more likely seeing things done in many different learning styles helps because it is repetition. In the classroom , it is important to model using different learning styles because it helps drill the topic but in multiples way. One student might remember a certain method better, but seeing it different ways is advantageous to all.

In my classroom, I plan to address topics in several ways including visually, orally, and written. I also want to bring in differentiation to help my students learn. At times, I may differentiate by ability but I could also differentiate by giving choices that cover different interests of my students. This seems like an overwhelming task at times, yet it is important in order to help my students grow as learners.


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