Odd topics

So a lot has been running through my mind this week. First of all, I have one hour that has several trouble students in it. On their own, these students would not be difficult to handle but when you combine them it’s like dynamite. They just feed off of one another and they can really be a hindrance to other students learning. There is one boy in particular who is the instigator. He is a funny kid always telling jokes and rolling me his “pick up lines” which, I do think is somewhat funny before class starts and such. I have made a point to tell him that when the bell rings, it means it is time to focus on math and not the other things. Yet, I was teaching a lesson on Thursday and smack dab in the middle he shouts out “ms. Petersen, do you think I am disrespectful?” (Backstory I later found out–he got in trouble in the previous hour and was told he was disrespectful) I basically ignored his comment, and said “that was not appropriate, let’s move on. If you have a math related comment or question, please raise your hand.” This seemed to work for now but he does stuff like this almost daily. When do I quit dealing with it in class? Is it better for me to ask him to step out in the hallway so he doesn’t affect other people’s learning? It’s hard to know where to draw the line.

On an unrelated note…I have a lot of thinking about the near future to do this weekend. I have been offered a long term sub job in an English classroom. I have a meeting/interview on Monday morning for a biology long term sub job and I also have an interview on Monday for a math interventionist job. I cannot do them all. I could do the interventionist position or the other two (they don’t overlap). I guess we will see how it all pans out. I hope I get interviews like this for a full time position next fall!!


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