Time to say goodbye

Wow, the end of the semester has definitely crept up on me! I cannot believe it is almost time for graduation. Although we technically have until December 4th in our classrooms, my last day has changed and is now Tuesday, November 20. I have a job that I will be starting after Thanksgiving break because that is the start of second trimester.

As I start to think about leaving this classroom I have so many different emotions. I have come to know these students really well and I’m certainly sad to leave them. I am excited and happy at the same time though because it means I have completed my undergraduate degree! Three and a half years ago the though of finishing my degree seemed so very distant, I could hardly fathom it. I am also feeling a bit uneasy and perhaps slightly scared as the end of college means I have to venture out into the “real world” where jobs are certainly not a guarantee. I surely hope I can find a teaching job that I love!

It is my hope that the students I have had the pleasure of teaching this semester have learned as much from me as I have learned from them. I have noticed that the theory of building positive relationships with students is truly the most important part of teaching. Establishing these relationships opens the door to so many different teaching opportunities. Learning happens in our normal classroom lessons, but it is the extra help that so many students need. I have encouraged the students to come see me in the morning and during this time such great things happen!

I am sure that what I have learned this semester will translate into whatever I end up doing in the future. I will never forgot so many of the things that happened.


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